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Dates and Prices


$345CDN covers instruction and use of technical gear, including boots. GST not included.

Optional PLUS DAY:
$275 plus GST. Every Monday following 'Basic Ice'. Available to Basic Ice participants only.

Cancellation Insurance available through the Simpson Group.

Is it for you?

Our ice climbing course is suitable for total beginners, rock climbers and general mountaineers. Ice climbing can be a strenuous activity but our instruction will emphasize development of technique to reduce the need for brute strength. The ice climbing routes will be tailored towards your ability and strength as much as possible. A high level of fitness will contribute to enjoyment and achievement however, you need no previous experience.

Ice Climbing Level 1 - Basic Ice

The Canadian Rockies are considered by many to be the ice climbing capital of the world - come find out why. Experience and enjoy this exhilarating sport on our beginner Ice Climbing weekend course in the Banff, Canmore and Kananaskis areas. We have decades of experience delivering courses and teaching beginners. Many of our students have become highly skilled and accomplished ice climbers.

A strong base of skills will be developed on the Basic Ice course so you will be able to use the top rope belay system efficiently and understand the use of personal ice climbing equipment. Personalized instruction in this course will help you to develop your climbing technique - the signature of a good ice climber.  We will also introduce you to the basics of ice screw placement and anchor construction; the next step in your ice climbing progression. Our easy access to some of the best venues for learning the sport means the bulk of the weekend course is spent ice climbing. We will teach you how to ice climb efficiently while having an unforgettable experience. With the enthusiastic and dedicated 'Yam Ice Team', comprising of top Canadian Rockies ice climbing guides, you'll experience an unforgettable weekend of learning, challenge and exhilaration! No experience is necessary, leave that to us!

Our two day learn to ice climb course includes the use of all the technical gear you need to get started ice climbing. In addition to taking this beginner ice climbing course check out the 'Plus Days' add-on option and you'll be just blown away by what you can accomplish on this weekend.

We have decades of experience in introducing people to the sport of ice climbing. Our office in Canmore, Alberta is fully equipped with all the ice climbing gear you need to get started.

Day 1: 7:30am At Yamnuska Office & Local Climbing Area

  • Welcome, introduction, goals and agenda
  • Check gear and adjust crampons
  • Discussion of safety procedures and hazard awareness
  • Knots and harnesses
  • Basic Ice Movement - how to use crampons in a controlled environment a few feet off the ground - essential for confidence!
  • Top rope belays and climbing communication
  • Lowering
  • General ice climbing techniques for efficient movement
  • Top rope climbs in Banff, Canmore or Kananaskis

Day 2: At Local Climbing Area in Banff, Canmore or Kananaskis

  • Site hazard awareness
  • Consolidation of technical belaying and communication skills
  • Climbing warm up
  • Introduction to steep ice climbing techniques
  • Lots of climbing with coaching on steeper climbs. You will be surprised at what you can ice climb when using modern ice tools and proper body positioning
  • Introduction to placing and removing ice screws
  • Introduction to basic anchor construction
  • Debrief and wrap-up by 4:00pm

Basic Ice Climbing 'Plus Days'

Stay for an extra day after the Basic Ice Course and put your new skills into practice on a classic Canadian Rockies multi-pitch climb such as The Professor's Falls or Cascade Falls. The instructor to student ratio is 1:2, we divide into compatible teams, choose a suitable 'multi-pitch' route (several rope lengths in height) and spend the day climbing it. We have a seemingly endless list of multi-pitch ice climbs in the Banff, Canmore, Kananaskis and Lake Louise areas.

$275 plus GST. Every Monday following the Basic Ice course.  Available to Basic Ice course participants only. 

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