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Mt. Assiniboine is not a climb for beginners. We require that you have recent alpine mountaineering experience (or extensive multi-pitch rock experience) beforehand and you will need to complete our experience questionnaire upon booking. When making your booking we can advise you as to the feasibility of your attempting this peak.

This is one of the most expensive objectives in the Rockies. If you have any doubts as to the suitability of this objective then it may be wise to take a guide for another climb first. We have several excellent options if Mt Assiniboine is beyond your price or ability range.

Time Needed

The minimum time it will take to climb Mt Assiniboine is three days. One day to fly to Assiniboine Meadows and to climb to the Hind Hut, the next day for the ascent and the final day to descend to the Meadows from where you can fly or walk out. The problem with such a short time is that weather may be bad on your climbing day leaving you with no spare days. We suggest you take a guide for at least four if not five days so as to allow extra time for the ascent and variable weather. In the event of being able to do the climb on the first available day then there are several other peaks in the area you can climb as well.


Mount Assiniboine can be climbed anytime June through September but remember that conditions may prevent climbing on the peak at any time in those months. The best time seems to be from mid-July to late August. In some years heavy spring snows may result in the peak being a snow climb through most of the summer. Summer snowstorms can put the peak 'out of condition' at any time. We must emphasize that bad weather and conditions are possible at any time and consequently we cannot guarantee a summit climb or easy conditions.

Mount Assiniboine Ascents

Mount Assiniboine is one of the finest peaks in the Canadian Rockies. It is often compared to the Matterhorn and whilst there is a similarity with that famous peak, Mt. Assiniboine's beautiful isolation high above Lake Magog give it a character that is entirely unique.

A climb of Mt. Assiniboine with a certified Yamnuska mountain guide can be the experience of a lifetime. If you'd like to climb Mt. Assiniboine with a Yamnuska guide this prospectus will give you a sense for what is is about. Once decided, we can confirm arrangements for this terrific adventure.

Mount Assiniboine is located 30 km SW of Canmore on the main divide of the Canadian Rockies. It sits on the border of Banff National Park and British Columbia's Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park. The southern most of the major peaks in the Canadian Rockies, the triangular pyramid of Mt. Assiniboine dominates this section of the divide. It is 11,876 feet high (3618m).

The Peak

Mount Assiniboine is a serious and often difficult mountain climb. It is frequently underestimated. There is substantial exposure and rock fall hazard. In dry conditions it is technically straight forward. More likely though, it will be snowed or iced up and the climbing will be very challenging. This is not a peak for beginners!

The most popular route on the 11,867ft. (3618m) mountain is the North Ridge. This 3,000ft. ridge is steep and exposed without being too technically difficult. Initially you will move with the guide up a series of gullies and climb a rock band before reaching the ridge crest which is followed to the 'Red Band'. Once there you will be climbing fifth class rock for several hundred feet to the corniced summit. The view from the summit is truly incredible.

Climbing time is anywhere from 12 to 15 hours return from the Hind Hut.


The following package costs include guide fees, hut fees, out trip meals and helicopter flights. Should it be necessary to drive to Mt. Shark Helipad from Canmore an extra charge may apply if you do not have your own vehicle. For guests with dietary restrictions, we are able to modify the program food pack to meet your individual needs.  As food pricing and preparation for these diets is more costly, we have implemented the following surcharges.  For vegan, gluten free, lactose free, soy free, nut free or any similar type of single restriction menu requests there will be a $15/day surcharge. For a diet requiring any 2 restrictions a $25/day surcharge will apply.  For any 3 restrictions a $30/day surcharge will apply.  Vegetarian meals will not be surcharged.  For more complex diets our kitchen staff will assess the restrictions to inform you if the diet can be accommodated and what surcharge would apply. 

5% Goods & Services (GST) is not included. It is possible to hike out and not use the helicopter, which will reduce the price accordingly should you choose this option.

  1. Three-day for one person: $3295. Friday to Sunday, Wednesday to Friday.
  2. Four-day for one person: $3895.  Sunday to Wednesday.
  3. Five-day for one person: $4595. Wednesday to Sunday.

Trip Cancellation Insurance is available through the Simpson Group.