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Lake Louise Classics 3-Day

Lake Louise Classics 6-Day


Six-day program: $2295 CDN includes guiding, hut fees, out trip meals, Park Wilderness Pass and use of technical equipment.

Three-day program: $1295 CDN includes guiding, hut fees, out trip meals, Park Wilderness Pass and use of technical equipment.

Not included: Canmore accommodation, Gratuities & taxes.

Trip Cancellation Insurance is available through the Simpson Group.

Is it for you?

This is a strenuous and demanding program involving lots of height gain, not only to the peaks but also to the huts. So you need to be in good shape as this program involves six consecutive days of high climbing. You need to have at least basic mountaineering experience. In the context of Yamnuska's program we suggest you have at least Snow and Ice Long weekend or Intro to Mountaineering.

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Lake Louise Classics

The mountains near Lake Louise are considered the birthplace of Canadian mountaineering. Since the establishment of the Canadian Pacific Railroad, the peaks that dominate the sky around Lake Louise in Banff National Park remain classic objectives for mountaineers and alpinists. The routes we chose for this program will test your skills and help you develop new techniques. The scenery is only outdone by the overwhelming sense of accomplishment you'll undoubtedly feel after participating in this classic program.

Our objectives this week are the spectacular summits surrounding Lake Louise and Moraine Lake: Mt. Victoria, Mt. Lefroy & Mt Fay. This is going to be a terrific week of alpine climbing. And, if you're pressed for time, you can join us for the first three days only. 

Our goal is to have an enjoyable and challenging week of alpine mountaineering on the large peaks surrounding Lake Louise.

From the Abbott Pass Hut at 2890m (9500 ft.) we can access:

Mt. Victoria (3464m or 11,362 ft.) by the S.E. Ridge. This is an enjoyable and exposed climb along a narrow ridge that can either be heavily snowed up with large cornices or can be a cat walk along ridge top ledges later in the season.

Mt. Lefroy (3423m or 11,227 ft.) by the West Face. This face is riven by gullies that are filled initially by snow which becomes ice as the season progresses. Note: Early season departures are more likely to have a summit attempt on Mt Lefroy. Other options later in the season include a descent via the Furman ledges to lake Louise or a peak in the Lake O'Hara area such as Wiwaxy or Shafer.

From the Neil Colgan Hut we can access:

Mt. Fay (3234m. or 10,607 ft.) can be climbed either by the classic N. Face routes on steep ice or by the standard West Ridge on rock. We access the mountain from Moraine Lake via the famous Perren Route and stay at the Neil Colgan Hut, the highest permanent structure in Canada. 

Other peaks in this area include: Mts. Huber, Lyttle, Quadra, Bowlen and Bident.

Sample Agenda

Day 1: We meet at the Yamnuska office in Canmore at 7:30am. After introductions, a review of goals and objectives we drive west to Lake Louise to catch the 10:30am shuttle to Lake O'Hara. Then we start the climb up to the Abbott Pass Hut, our base for the next two nights.

Day 2: At first light head towards Mt. Lefroy immediately east of the hut. We climb the steep snow and ice gullies to the summit.

Day 3: Again at first light we start the climb of Mt. Victoria right behind the outhouse! We start up broken rock and snow slopes before reaching the ridge before the first summit. A long traverse over the 'sickle' and up again brings us finally to the South (highest) Summit. If conditions are good it may be an option to descend towards Mt. Huber for a climb of that peak before descending the Huber Ledges to Lake O'Hara then returning to Lake Louise for the night at the Alpine Centre.

Day 4: We leave the Alpine Centre today with our objective to reach the Neil Colgan hut. We climb out of Moraine Lake, typically taking the Perren Route, to reach the Neil Colgan Hut below Mt. Lyttle. Those with somel energy left may scramble up Mt. Bowlen in the evening.

Day 5: Climb Mt. Fay, either by the steep ice of the N. Face or the rock ridge on the N.W. side.

Day 6: A short climb on Mt. Lyttle behind the hut before heading down the Perren route rappels and on down to Moraine Lake where the program finishes and you will have earned a rest.

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